Do Pawn Shops Take Microwaves

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Pawn shops typically do not take microwaves because they are not in high demand and do not sell for a high price. Pawn shops prefer to take items that are small, valuable, and easily resalable. Microwaves typically do not meet these criteria, so pawn shops rarely accept them as collateral.

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If you’re like most people, you probably have a few items around your home that you no longer use. Maybe it’s an old computer or television. Or maybe it’s a microwave that you don’t need anymore.

Whatever the case may be, you might be wondering if pawn shops will take these items off your hands. The answer is yes! Pawn shops are happy to accept all sorts of items, including microwaves.

So if you’ve got an old microwave that you’re looking to get rid of, bring it on down to your local pawn shop and see what they’ll give you for it!

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay for Microwaves

When it comes to microwaves, pawn shops will generally pay around 10% of the retail value. So, if you have a microwave that you purchased for $100, a pawn shop would likely give you $10 for it. Of course, this is just a general rule of thumb and pawn shops may pay more or less depending on the condition and brand of the microwave.

If you’re looking to get the most money for your microwave, you may be better off selling it online or through a garage sale. However, if you need quick cash and don’t mind getting less than what your microwave is worth, then a pawn shop may be a good option for you.

Do Pawn Shops Take Microwaves


What Will a Pawn Shop Not Buy?

When you’re looking to get rid of some unwanted items and make a quick buck, you might think of taking them to a pawn shop. But not everything is accepted at pawn shops – in fact, there are quite a few things that they outright refuse to buy. Here are 10 things that your local pawn shop definitely won’t be interested in purchasing:

1. Stolen Goods Obviously, one of the big no-nos at pawn shops is stolen merchandise. Pawn shops are required by law to report any suspicious or stolen items that come into their possession, so it’s just not worth it to try and sell them something that could potentially get them into hot water.

2. Counterfeit Goods Another thing that most pawn shops won’t touch are counterfeit goods. This includes fake designer handbags, watches, currency, etc.

Not only is it illegal to sell counterfeit items, but it can also be difficult for pawn shops to determine whether or not something is real or fake. So unless you have the receipt and original packaging for an item, chances are a pawn shop won’t want to risk it.

What Do Pawn Shops Take the Most?

Pawn shops take a lot of different things, but there are definitely some items that they seem to get more of than others. Here are the five things that pawn shops take the most: 1. Jewelry – This is probably the most common type of item that people bring into pawn shops.

Whether it’s a diamond ring, a gold necklace or just a simple pair of earrings, jewelry is always in high demand at pawn shops. 2. Electronics – From laptops and tablets to smartphones and gaming consoles, electronics are another hot commodity at pawn shops. People are always looking to upgrade their devices and often times they’ll trade in their old ones for a new one at a pawn shop.

3. Tools – Whether it’s power tools or hand tools, people seem to always be looking for new ways to fix things around the house or garage. And what better place to find them than at a pawn shop? 4. Musical Instruments – Pianos, guitars, drums… you name it, if it makes music, chances are good that someone has tried to sell it at a pawn shop before.

musical instruments are always popular items because people are always looking for new ways to express themselves creatively. 5. Collectibles – From sports memorabilia to comic books and everything in between, collectibles are another big category of items that people like to buy and sell at pawn shops. Some people view them as investments while others just enjoy collecting them for fun!

What Household Items Can I Pawn?

There are a variety of household items that you can pawn for some extra cash. Here are some of the most common items: 1. Electronics – Televisions, laptops, gaming consoles and cameras are all popular items to pawn.

If you have any old or unused electronics lying around, they could be worth some money. 2. Jewelry – Pawn shops will often take jewelry as collateral. Whether it’s costume jewelry or something more valuable, it’s always worth checking to see what your jewelry is worth.

3. Tools – If you have any tools that you no longer need or use, consider taking them to a pawn shop. Power tools, hand tools and garden tools can all be pawned for cash. 4. Sporting Goods – Old sporting equipment can also be pawned for cash.

Things like golf clubs, bikes and skis are all popular items to bring to a pawn shop. 5. Musical Instruments – Pianos, guitars and other musical instruments are often accepted at pawn shops as well.

What is Worth Taking to a Pawn Shop?

When you’re looking to get rid of some unwanted items and make a quick buck, you might be wondering what is worth taking to a pawn shop. While there are many factors that contribute to how much an item is worth, here are some general guidelines to help you get started. Gold and silver jewelry are typically the most valuable items you can bring to a pawn shop.

This includes everything from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. Pawn shops will often give you more money for pieces that are made of solid gold or silver, rather than those that are plated or have gemstones. Electronics are also popular items at pawn shops.

Commonly sought-after electronics include laptops, tablets, cameras, and gaming consoles. If your electronics are in good condition and include all necessary cords and accessories, you’ll likely get a higher value for them. Power tools are another type of item that can be brought to a pawn shop for extra cash.

Drills, saws, routers, sanders, and other similar tools are usually accepted by most pawn shops. As with electronics, it’s important that your power tools be in good working condition with all necessary parts included. If you have any musical instruments lying around gathering dust, consider taking them to a pawn shop as well!

Guitars, keyboards, drums – anything musical could potentially earn you some money at a pawn shop. Again, it’s important that the instrument is in good condition if you want top dollar for it. These are just some examples of common items that can be taken to a pawn shop for cash.


Pawn shops will take just about anything of value that you are willing to part with. Microwaves are no exception. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when pawning your microwave.

First, be sure to clean it thoroughly before taking it into the pawn shop. Pawn shop employees are not required to clean up your mess and they may be less likely to accept a dirty item. Second, make sure the microwave is in good working condition.

Pawn shops will not take broken items or those in need of repair. Third, be aware that microwaves are not worth very much money. You might get $20-$30 for a working microwave at a pawn shop, so don’t expect to get top dollar for your appliance.

Finally, remember that once you pawn an item, it becomes the property of the pawn shop and they are free to do whatever they please with it – including selling it or throwing it away.

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