What Is the Depth of a Kitchen Cabinet

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A kitchen cabinet’s depth is typically 24 inches. However, this may vary depending on the style and design of the cabinet. Some cabinets may be shallower or deeper than others.

The depth of a cabinet is important to consider when planning a kitchen renovation, as it will affect the amount of storage space available.

Kitchen Cabinet Ergonomic Dimensions that you really need to know

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, depth is an important factor to consider. The depth of a kitchen cabinet can range from 12 inches to 24 inches. The deeper the cabinet, the more storage space you will have.

However, keep in mind that deeper cabinets can be more difficult to reach into and may require special storage solutions such as pull-out shelves.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes in Mm

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there are a variety of different sizes available on the market. However, when it comes to standard kitchen cabinet sizes in mm, there are only a handful that are widely used by homeowners and contractors alike. Here is a look at the most common kitchen cabinet sizes in mm:

900mm x 600mm – This size is typically used for base cabinets. These cabinets sit on the floor and provide storage space for items such as pots and pans. They are also great for storing larger appliances such as dishwashers and ovens.

1200mm x 600mm – This size is typically used for wall cabinets. These cabinets hang on the wall and are great for storing smaller items such as plates and glasses. They can also be used to store spices and other cooking ingredients.

1500mm x 600mm – This size is typically used for tall cabinets. These cabinets reach all the way up to the ceiling and are perfect for storing items that you don’t use very often, such as holiday decorations or extra towels. 1800mm x 600mm – This size is typically used for pantry cabinets.

These cabinets offer ample storage space for non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, and other household essentials.

What Is the Depth of a Kitchen Cabinet

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What is a Standard Depth Kitchen Cabinet?

A standard depth kitchen cabinet is a cabinet that is 24 inches deep. This is the most common depth for kitchen cabinets and it allows for plenty of storage space. If you have a smaller kitchen, you may be able to get away with a 22-inch deep cabinet, but anything shallower than that will likely not provide enough storage space.

What is the Depth of Upper Kitchen Cabinets?

Most kitchen cabinets range in depth from 12 to 36 inches deep. The most common depths are 15, 18, 24 and 30 inches. The average depth of an upper kitchen cabinet is about 21 inches.

The depth of a lower kitchen cabinet is about 24 inches.


Most kitchen cabinets are about 24 inches deep. This depth includes the door and drawer fronts, which protrude about an inch from the cabinet box. The interior shelves of a kitchen cabinet are usually about 21 inches deep.

Deeper shelves can be installed, but they may require some reinforcement to prevent sagging over time.

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