Why Does My Ninja Coffee Maker Keep Saying Clean

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There are a few reasons why your Ninja Coffee Maker might keep saying clean. One reason could be that there is coffee build-up on the brew basket or carafe. Another reason could be that the water reservoir needs to be cleaned.

You can clean the brew basket and carafe by hand or in the dishwasher. To clean the water reservoir, you will need to use a vinegar and water solution.

How to Deep Clean Ninja Coffee Bar to Make the CLEAN Light Go Off and STAY Off!!

If your Ninja coffee maker is displaying the “clean” message, it’s telling you that it needs to be cleaned. This is an important part of keeping your coffee maker in good working order. The “clean” message will usually come on after a certain number of uses.

For example, my Ninja coffee maker says to clean it every 30 uses. Depending on how often you use your coffee maker, this could be once a week or once a month. Cleaning your Ninja coffee maker is easy to do.

Just follow the instructions in the owner’s manual. You’ll need to run some water through the machine with no coffee grounds in it, and then add a special cleaning solution (you can buy this at most stores that sell coffee makers). Run the cleaning cycle and then rinse out the machine with fresh water.

Once you’ve cleaned your Ninja coffee maker, the “clean” message should go away and you can start using it again. If you keep getting the message even after cleaning, there may be something wrong with your machine and you should contact customer service for help troubleshooting.

Ninja Coffee Maker Clean Light Won’T Go off

If your Ninja Coffee Maker’s Clean Light won’t go off, don’t worry! There are a few easy fixes that you can try. First, make sure that the coffee maker is turned off and unplugged.

Then, remove the carafe and dispose of any water that may be in it. Next, locate the clean button on the coffee maker and press and hold it for 3 seconds. Finally, plug the coffee maker back in and turn it on.

If these steps do not work, please contact customer service for further assistance.

Why Does My Ninja Coffee Maker Keep Saying Clean

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How Do You Get the Clean Light off a Ninja Coffee Maker?

If you’re wondering how to get the clean light off your Ninja coffee maker, here’s what you need to know. First of all, it’s important to understand that the clean light is an indicator that tells you when it’s time to clean your coffee maker. This is important because if you don’t clean your coffee maker regularly, it can build up deposits of coffee grounds and oils, which can lead to a loss of flavor and quality in your coffee.

To clean your Ninja coffee maker, simply follow the instructions in the user manual. Most models require you to run a cleaning cycle with water and vinegar every few months. During this cycle, the vinegar will help break down any deposits in the machine and make it easier for water to flush them out.

Once the cycle is complete, simply wipe down the interior of the machine with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly before using again.

Why Does My Ninja Coffee Maker Clean Light Keep Coming On?

If your Ninja coffee maker’s clean light is coming on frequently, there are a few possible reasons why. First, it could simply be that the water reservoir needs to be refilled more often than usual. Or, the machine may not be draining properly and water is pooling inside.

Finally, it’s possible that the coffee filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. If you think the clean light is coming on too frequently, start by checking the water level in the reservoir. If it’s low, just top it off and see if that solves the problem.

If not, take a look at the coffee filter and replace it if necessary. If neither of those solutions works, then there could be an issue with drainage. Make sure to check for any blockages in the drain tube or around the coffee grounds basket.

Once you identify and fix the problem, your clean light should stay off until it’s actually time to run another cleaning cycle.

How Do I Reset My Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Button?

If your Ninja Coffee Bar™ is giving you an error message that says “CLEAN”, it means that the machine needs to be descaled. This is a very important process and should not be ignored! Here’s how to do it:

1) Fill the water reservoir with equal parts water and white vinegar. 2) Place a coffee mug on the drip tray and press the CLEAN button. The machine will begin to brew a pot of hot vinegar water.

3) After the cycle is complete, discard the contents of the coffee mug and rinse out the drip tray. 4) Repeat steps 1-3 two more times. 5) Run two or three cycles of plain water through the machine to remove any residual vinegar taste.

And that’s it! Your Ninja Coffee Bar™ will now be free of built-up calcium deposits and ready to make delicious coffee again.

How Do You Reset the Clean Light on a Coffee Maker?

If your coffee maker has a clean light that comes on when it needs to be cleaned, there is generally a button you can press to reset the light. On most coffee makers, this button is located on the control panel. If you cannot find the reset button, consult your coffee maker’s owner’s manual.


Over time, coffee makers can develop mineral deposits from the water they use. If you notice your Ninja Coffee Maker saying “clean” more frequently than usual, it’s likely due to a build-up of these minerals. To clean your machine and prevent this issue from happening again, follow these simple steps:

1. Unplug your coffee maker and remove any parts that are dishwasher-safe. 2. Fill the reservoir with a mixture of white vinegar and water (equal parts). 3. Run a brew cycle using this mixture, then discard it once finished.

4. Rinse all removable parts thoroughly with fresh water and reassemble your coffee maker. 5. Plug in your machine and run another brew cycle using only fresh water to complete the cleaning process.

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